About Pesaman

Hello there,

Welcome to PESAMAN.COM.

Now let’s cut the chase with all the greetings and and get cracking.

Who am I

Well, my name is Peter Ogallo and I am the proud owner of this blog. Online, I go by various names such as Ogallo SonofDan or simply SOD. I was born in Nairobi and it was not in a maternity bed. (Ask my Dad, DAN).

I spent the better part of my childhood in the Western part of Kenya. I am a Financial Engineer by profession (For those who call me Engineer, thanks for being so generous ♥♥)

I am an all round guy with a strong bias in Fitness. Am I a Phil Heath? Hell no! But at least I know how to get lifting. I am also a staunch WordPress lover and a budding addict in domain registration. Honestly, I just love spending money buying domain names that I am pretty sure I will never use. Call me a jerk if you want.

Create a vision for your life

All parts of the body need exercise for optimal health, and the eyes are no different

Create an efficient time management system

The process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities

Identify your values, strengths and goals

Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work

Establish work/life balance

Work–life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between “work”  and “lifestyle”

Move past your blind spots

A tendency to ignore something especially because it is difficult or unpleasant

Thrive in times of transition

Few of us manage to get through this life without making a major transition

My only hope is that at the end of it all, I will have made positive strides in my whole life and I will have served my readers will quality and life changing content. I know this blog will help us:

  • In rapid planning methods to focus on the positive influences and results
  • To focus on our targets and achieve set goals faster
  • In successfully meeting role models to help in bringing positive changes
  • In acting as a reference card for reviews anytime, any-day, anywhere

♥With Utmost Respect,♥


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