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Best Car Hire Nairobi: Offering Reliable Services

Driving the latest model of car doesn’t mean you have to buy a new car. It may end up very expensive to keep up. The truth is that it is inconveniencing to go for a long trip using public means especially if you have plans of traveling with your family. Fortunately, there are numerous self drive car hire Kenya services that are easy to find.

Now you don’t have to stress about buying a new car or straining with public transport when there are cheap car hire services within reach. The secret lies in knowing which car hire company to reach out to for your needs.

Best Car Hire Companies in Nairobi Offering Reliable Services List of car hire companies in Nairobi for your transport needs Car rental Nairobi may seem like your easy way out, but things can easily go south if you choose a wrong service provider. Apart from checking the rates of the service providers, other things need to be looked at. Car leasing services are convenient for people who cannot buy cars for one reason or another. If you want to move around regularly yet you don’t own a car; then this is the only option that you have.

Therefore, having a few company names that you can call to hire a car would be highly appreciated. Fortunately, there are reliable car rental Nairobi service providers who will supply you with any type of car you need as long as you agree on the terms and conditions.

VAELL Company – Nairobi, Kenya

This is among the companies that are efficient in offering car hire services. It is located in Nairobi on Gold Rock Building along Mombasa road. The company specializes in leasing and renting out vehicles and vehicle equipment in bulk and for longer durations for residents of Nairobi as well as other people requiring similar services.

Finding people offering car hire in Nairobi with rates that are not only affordable but also reasonable is not easy. The fact that the company is already established gives it more ground to supply the best cars for residents of Nairobi.

Kenya car rentals company – Nairobi, Kenya

This car rental Nairobi Company works to ensure that their customers get the best car rental services they can afford. This is an online company that allows interested customers to identify their favorite cars and reserve it. People can always book the vehicles for as long as they need to. In case you do not have a driver and are incapable of driving, you can as well get chauffer services at an extra cost.

The company can be accessed through their website which is

Active car hire and safaris – Nairobi, Kenya

This company offers a slightly different car hire service as it specializes in leasing self-drive safari cars that are ideal for rough terrains such as four-wheel drives.

The company also diversifies it services by providing overload trucks for hire as well as 25-seater minibuses. If you are looking for a company that can give hire out large vehicles for you and your friend’s trip, then this is the company to reach out to. Best Car Hire Nairobi Offering Reliable Services

Market car hire – Nairobi, Kenya

This is among the oldest and most trusted car hire services in Kenya. It is a full service car rental agency that was established in 1966. Over the years the company’s services have grown from a simple daily car rental service to a company that offers a range of rental services.

These include airport transfers, long-term leasing as well as tailor-made safaris.

Elite car rental – Nairobi, Kenya

Another company you should talk to is elite. It prides itself on offering the best car rental services in Kenya. It offers no obligation cars in Kenya. Their daily rental car types include station wagon, saloon car, off road rental cars, van rental, and double cabin car. What’s more, this company is not only based in Nairobi making it convenient for customers outside Nairobi. The car rental service in Kenya is clearly a niche that needs to be exploited further. It is possible for any person now to be in possession of a car legally without being its owner.

In addition to being a thriving and affluent business today, car hire services in Kenya are affording people lifestyles that would otherwise be impossible to maintain.

Car Hire Nairobi Rental Rates!

Nairobi Car Hire Terms & Conditions

  • The Daily hire rate is inclusive of rental, C.D.W insurance and 200 km daily allowance, extra kilometers above this are charged at the applicable daily rate.
  • Insurance excess is payable in the event of damage. Please refer to detailed T&Cs to determine the level of excess per vehicle. 
  • Excess waiver’s can be purchased in advance of the rental.
  •  The Weekly & Monthly hire rate is inclusive of rental, C.D.W insurance and unlimited kilometers.
  •  The Weekly rates are applicable on all rentals over 6 days and under 30 days. 
  •  The Monthly rental rates are applicable for all rentals exceeding 29 Days
  •  All Vehicles are available on Chauffeur Driven Basis, the following Driver’s allowance will be payable: 

                        a) Within Nairobi :   Kshs1,500/- per day
                        b) Outside Nairobi : Kshs. 2,500/- per day

  •  All Prices are subject to 16% VAT
  •  Fuel costs are not included in the rates quoted. Vehicles are provided with a full tank of fuel and must be returned in the same condition.
  • ​Prices may vary during peak rental seasons

N/B: C.D.W refers to  Collision Damage Waiver

CD – Chauffeur driven only. Price includes gas and cost of driver from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Price excludes driver’s overtime, meals and entry into wildlife parks.

Safari – Vehicles are safari ready with pop-up roof for wildlife viewing and our exclusive Safari kit.

The minimum the vehicles can be hired is for 4 days.

Rates and Conditions
All rates are expressed in Kenya Shillings (KSh), and don’t include fuel and oil, but are inclusive of maintenance. Some vehicles have automatic transmission and others manual transmission. Rates may be adjusted during the year so check when booking.


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